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Supporting South West Events!


To provide support for volunteers in the South West involved in the organisation and management of community festivals and events.

Smart Events aims to assists organisers improve the capacity for regional festivals and events, so that community celebrations can become more sustainable, not just economically, but socially, culturally and spiritually.

Based in the South West, Smart Events provides information and support in all areas of event management.

Smart Events works by expanding the networking between regional community groups; reducing duplication, and maximizing the efficiency of volunteer time and effort.

Community celebrations are vital for building and maintaining vibrant, cohesive regional communities. Community events present the opportunity for celebration, business and employment growth, and the development of skills and social capital.


  • Reduce the workload for community volunteers.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities for South West volunteers.
  • Develop communal resources.
  • Provide up to date information on issues affecting events.
  • Develop a trading network of business suppliers encouraged to offer incentives to Smart Event members.
  • Coordinate South West event and festival promotions through access to marketing expertise.
  • Identify skill shortages and develop training, with the outcome of improving skills and employment in the region.
  • Develop itineraries and tours for transport companies which provide communities with access to metropolitan, state, intrastate and overseas visitors.
  • Assist with the development of a series of well managed festivals and events that showcase the strengths and diversity of the South West Region.
  • Increase the profile and visitor numbers for the South West region.
  • Strengthen the economic potential of the region through events.
  • Develop a strong Smart Events membership.

In 2012 Smart Events became a part of Volunteer South West Inc which is a not-for-profit organisation, and is managed by a part-time co-ordinator, Denise Sara. The databases have been updated and the work on the website will continue.


  • Continue to keep event organisers abreast of the latest developments affecting the industry through E-Bulletins and workshops.
  • Facilitate skill development in all areas of event management
  • Assist in networking opportunities for event organisers and resourcing potential for events.
  • Develop cooperative marketing for the South West.
  • Manage the Smart Events Website as a one stop shop for South West events.
  • Quarterly Smart Events newsletter to members database
  • Production of an event operations guide for events organisers.
  • Attract sponsorship to Smart Events
  • Facilitate sponsorship deals for events
  • Lobbying Government on issues affecting events
  • Build on Smart Events Membership
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