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funding your event

Finding the Right Grant

Grant Search, and The Australian are two useful websites to visit. They are "" "". Directory of Philanthropy are two useful

Visit These Websites to View a Range of Funding Programs
GrantsLINK is a comprehensive whole-of-government website offering direct links to existing information on Commonwealth grants programmes. GrantsLINK also offers advice on finding the best source of funding and on writing applications.

Practical resources, support and linkages between community networks and the general public, business and government.
On the South West Development Commission website you are able to apply for a grant.
On the Department for Local Government and Communities website to to 'The Community', then 'Grants Directory'.
Creative Partnerships Australia for corporate sponsorship opportunities.
Philanthropy Australia is a national membership organisation for grantmaking trusts and foundations.

Tips for Writing A Successful Funding Submission

  • Establish a relationship with the funding body. Most authorities welcome enquires from applicants in the early planning stages of the project.

  • Clarify with the funding body, what they are prepared to fund, the closing date for applications, the length of the review process, the evaluation criteria, and the title and address of the individual to whom the application is to be sent.

  • Plan- Once you have done your homework and have it organised in an easily accessible format you will be able to use relevant sections for different proposals or applications.

  • Gather together all relevant documents that you may need to use. A copy of the constitution, aims and objectives of the organisation and any other material that may support your claim, including letters of support.

Bear in mind, you might submit a perfect application and still receive a rejection. Remember that most funding sources have limited resources with which to fund projects. Do not get discouraged if you get a rejection, you can always try in their next funding round or send the application to another source.

It is important to note that almost no funding body will fund 100% of a project so for large projects it is likely you will need funds from more than one provider.

If your application is successful always formally acknowledge the grant provider with a thankyou letter. If you are not successful in an application, try to fund out why by asking for feedback from the funding body

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