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risk management & public liability

The rising cost of public liability insurance has had a tremendous impact on community events.

As well as being good practice, an effective risk management program is a positive strategy for your organisation to identify unexpected and costly surprises.

Risk Management Tools

Developing effective risk management strategies for your event may seem daunting. However, there are tools available to help make the task easier.

Can You Risk It?

This document outlines a simple approach for implementing risk management based on the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Risk Management. It includes the basics of Risk Management and sample forms for a paper based risk management process.

To View or print the Risk Management Introduction document, you will need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded from Adobe's web site.

Community RiskBase
(Excel File for Excel 97/200/XP) THIS FILE MUST BE USED IN EXCEL

This simple spreadsheet is designed to capture an organisation's risks and the related controls and proposed treatments. If you do not have access to a suitable version of Excel, the Can You Risk It? link includes sample forms for a paper-based risk management process.

The State Government has introduced a number of initiatives to address the public liability crisis, including the following significant pieces of legislation:

Relevant Legislation

Volunteers (Protection from Liability) Act 2002

  • Some one who is volunteering for an incorporated not-for-profit organisation and operates in good faith when doing community work and within the organisation's guidelines is protected from personal civil liability under this act, subject to certain exceptions.
  • The intent is that the liability will transfer to the community organisation with which they are involved.
  • This means that volunteers cannot be sued for something they did or failed to do, if they are acting within the scope of the work and directions given to them bu the community organisation.

Protection through Associations Incorporation Act 1987

  • Incorporation creates a legal entity (the organisation) that is separate from the individual members.
  • The Associations Incorporation Act provides a level of protection to an individual member from being sued for the action of the association or of another member of the association.
  • The Act does not protect a member of an association from being sued for their own actions, eg negligence or wrongful acts committed by them.
  • Members and committee or board members of unincorporated bodies can be sued as individuals.
  • Any association is eligible to be incorporated if it has five members and is formed for any of the purposes listed in the Associations Incorporation Act 1987. These purposes are reflected in clause 3.1 of the volunteers (Protection from Liability) Act 2002.

For more information visit

Insurance Commission of Western Australia (Amendment) Act 2002

  • This legislation enables the Government to provide insurance cover to eligible not-for-profit groups that are aligned to Government, provide an essential service to the community and are unable to obtain affordable cover.

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The Insurance Commission of Western Australia has developed the following website for not-for-profit organisations to obtain further risk management information:
Telephone: (08)9264 3333

The Department of Sport & Recreation have an excellent website of up to date Risk Management resources: Website:
South West Office: 80A Blair Street BUNBURY WA 6230
Phone: (08) 9791 7100
Fax: (08) 9791 7963

The Council of Social Service of New South Wales

Provides a list of Insurance Providers working with the not for profit sector


Marsh -"Affinity for Events
Telephone: Adelaide Office
(08) 8211 7655

Aon Entertainment Division of (Aon Risk Services)
Telephone: Sydney Office (02) 9253 7819 (02) 9253 7570

McNaughton Gardiner Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Contact: Neville Zelinka
Telephone: (08) 9213 9888

Westcourt Insurance Great Southern
Bunbury contact: Troy Mahony
Telephone: 9721 5432
Fax: 9223 8875
Mobile: 0428 988 895
PO Box 6206
South Bunbury WA 6230

Great Southern Insurance Broking Centre
Jeremy Stevenson
291 York St
Albany WA 6330
Telephone: 9841 6166

Albany District Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Gerard Cameron
2/60 Aberdeen St
Albany WA 6330
Telephone: 98416199

Community Care Underwriting
for non profit community events and clubs
Website: for quotes.
Also provides links to other insurers.
Telephone toll free: 1300 780 808 for insurance enquiries

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Insurance Brokers
Ray Thompson
Telephone: 9426 0456

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